Comfy Look

The smart working and slow times of recent years have left the need for comfort in what we wear. But we can do it with style and accuracy.
The new Fall Winter 2022 collection by CafèNoir takes advantage of this need and translates it into multifaceted sneakers, soft and oversized outerwear, overalls that dress like caresses.
All enriched by a riot of truly Glam details.

  1. long down jacket with hood and velvet borders
    long down jacket with hood and velvet borders
    As low as €149.00
  2. I22_W038
    wide sweater with portrait collar and side splits
    As low as €105.00
  3. I22_W038
    chinos in bi-stretch fabric
    As low as €79.00
  4. oversized sweatshirt with high collar and zip on the back
    oversized sweatshirt with high collar and zip on the back
    As low as €109.00

Mix di dettagli per illuminare un comfy white look

Whether it's a logoed ribbon, a tartan pattern, a monogram or small rhinestones, black and white are two colors that always rhyme with "Fashion" in every season, even in autumn. Comfort is not only worn, but is perceived by the eye, it seems to come out of the photos and give you a caress, can't you find it too?

  1. I22_W001
    multi-material sneakers with lace hoops with logo
    As low as €169.00
  2. I22_M008
    low-top leather sneakers with micro studs
    As low as €149.00
  3. small-sized clutch in houndstooth printed wool
    small-sized clutch in houndstooth printed wool
    As low as €119.00
  4. I22_M005
    soft hobo bag
    As low as €129.00
Sneakers in pelle CafèNoirSneakers in pelle CafèNoir
Sneakers in pelle con monogramma cn e suola logata

Must Have: New Mononogram Sneakers

They are the queens of the New Collection: high sneaker, enveloping, with a dynamic sole and new details. The maxi metallic logo with the CafèNoir Monogram in shades of silver goes perfectly with the laminated effect print of the logo that decorates the sole. It's art, it's innovation, it must be yours!

  1. I22_W038
    long wool blend coat
    As low as €279.00
  2. I22_N006
    oversized hoodie
    As low as €169.00
  3. fleece trousers
    fleece trousers
    As low as €129.00
  4. I22_N006
    rib knit cardigan
    As low as €125.00

Style ideas for Gray lovers

If black is always the master without ever making mistakes, gray is its faithful ally. However, this color can also be loaded with grit by combining it with a palette of more neutral tones, such as the cream and dove gray of a trunk or shoulder bag, or breaking the mold with the georgette fantasy of a long and soft dress. The watchword remains "Comfort" here too, and for this reason the ankle boots chosen for you by our stylists have a comfortable platform and a wedge that slims the figure but does not ask for sacrifices. Discover all the other nuances and the various leathers in the collection!

  1. pleated bowling bag with logo charm
    pleated bowling bag with logo charm
    As low as €119.00
  2. I22_W015
    shopper with pleats and decorative chain
    As low as €119.00
  3. I22_M017
    suede ankle boots with zip fasteners
    As low as €159.00