Fall Vibes

Can you feel this crisp air and the sky starting to turn orange, gold, red, bronze?
It is the Mr. Autumn who gently knocks on the doors of our wardrobe and asks to enter.
But there is no room for boredom among the hangers and shelves, you need character, color, vitality. Here, this is where CafèNoir tells you about its autumn woman, does it represent you?

  1. I22_M058
    short double-breasted jacket in a comfortable stretch fabric
    As low as €169.00
  2. I22_M058
    stretch fabric culottes with patch pockets
    As low as €105.00
  3. I22_S057
    long printed viscose georgette dress
    As low as €189.00
  4. I22_S057
    printed viscose georgette flounced dress
    As low as €169.00

Foliage to wear

A light dress with an exclusive and original pattern to combine with a pair of dark brown Texan boots is the perfect combo for this season's binding. A coat enriched with fringes, embroidery and a folk chic style will then be the inevitable addition to complete the look and transform it with a new, more winter soul.

  1. I22_M007
    leather boots with studs and internal wedge
    As low as €179.00
  2. I22_M019
    patent leather moccasins with decor buckle
    As low as €149.00
  3. I22_M007
    texan-style ankle boots with comfortable internal wedge
    As low as €159.00
  4. I22_M017
    patent leather moccasins with fringe
    As low as €149.00

Bags, accessories or friends?

Every season has its bag of the heart. If summer means mini bags and lightness, autumn means capacity, safety, versatility and a touch of color and originality. Because accessories are made to be daring. Make way for joy and style and dive into an enveloping palette of shopping bags, trunks, and dizzying handbags.

  1. I22_W064
    v-neck waistcoat with cable pattern
    As low as €125.00
  2. palazzo trousers in mixed wale corduroy
    palazzo trousers in mixed wale corduroy
    As low as €105.00
  3. I22_W038
    straight double-breasted mixed wale corduroy jacket
    As low as €169.00
  4. I22_M020
    wide rib knit crew neck sweater
    As low as €95.00

Autumn is also called Sneakers time, did you know?

Traffic, new habits, desire to do thousand things. September is kind of like January. As women, our “to do” lists become endless and we'd like to do everything. But to do it, sometimes we have to move again and again and an original comfy look may be required. New Collection Sneakers designed by CafèNoir tell about these stories, these passions and they enrich all of it with bold animalier, lurex and suedes touches. Try to believe, they’re one-of-a-kind!

  1. I22_M008
    mesh fabric and suede sneakers with patent leather inserts
    As low as €159.00
  2. I22_L008
    high-top sneakers in mesh fabric and patent leather inserts
    As low as €169.00
  3. mesh upper sneakers with glitters and chain
    mesh upper sneakers with glitters and chain
    As low as €149.00
  4. I22_S021
    multi-material leather sneakers with wave pattern
    As low as €129.00