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20 years of company history and success

CafèNoir is an Italian company operating in the footwear and personal accessories market since 1992.

Its products are created near Florence, in Tuscany, the heart of the creative and stylistic flair of Italian fashion. Like the other fashion brands and labels, CafèNoir enjoys the full benefit of the excellent leather working skills of firms based in the so-called “Leather district”, a geographical area specialised in the production of leather, footwear and bags.

The CafèNoir brand was launched in 1997, and soon became a benchmark leader in its market segment. CafèNoir is a determinedly “marketing oriented” business that promotes the brand via its creative style and ongoing investments in advertising.

Management & organisation

Its impressive results returned in recent years are due to the combined action of various competitive factors. Its young, dynamic and flexible management has helped develop an innovative and modern culture. The company can count on excellent organisational skills that have made it possible to plan its business development over the years.

All company processes are based on know how developed and shared in-house and are supported by the best technology for promoting relationships with industry professionals.

Its competitive ranking on the market and business management style have helped it reach its current economic and financial equilibrium, a vital requisite for firms taking on the new market challenges, that make the company a reliable partner for distribution in Italy and abroad and throughout the entire production chain.

The market placement of the brand

CafèNoir is market leader in Italy in the “Accessible Fashion”, segment and exports Italian Style across the globe.

It puts itself in the price band and market identified as offering “maximum sales potential”, an increasingly strategic segment for international market trends.

Over the years, the market has rewarded its style, design and excellent price/quality ratio that guarantee great product rotation.

Its unvaryingly “modern vision” of the market and resulting product policy have helped it implement the ongoing interpretation of new demands and life styles of modern consumers, while respecting the needs and strategic role of distribution for relationships with the end customer.

Selected and international distribution

The company is present on the Italian and European markets with 2500 specialised sales outlets of footwear and accessories, representing the finest showcase in Europe.

The CafèNoir brand continues to grow year after year in terms of sales volumes, brand awareness and competitive position on the market, consolidating annual sales volumes in excess of one million pairs.

After winning over Italy and establishing its presence in all major European countries, the brand decided several years ago to embark upon the development of emerging markets with high growth rate, such as Russia, the Ukraine and Turkey.

The challenge for the coming years will be to expand its market presence wherever Italian Style is appreciated.

CafèNoir style and its fashion collections

CafèNoir interprets fashion trends faultlessly with a very extensive collection including footwear for women, bags and a line of Glam accessories in constant development. The range is complemented by its menswear line.

The extensive range includes products designed to satisfy demands from traditional consumers while developing its presence in modern channels too such as Retail Chains and e-commerce.

Market analysis and familiarity with the tastes of end customers are constantly at the centre of CafèNoir’s research and development, to interpret the product, design and the stylistic research based exclusively on the needs of the market.

Marketing & Advertising

A coherent advertising policy that has been updated constantly over the years has given the CafèNoir brand a strong identity with a well known personality, totally recognisable by the end customer.

The product is the absolute focus of communications sign language that has helped make the brand a benchmark for new fashion trends.

Important investments have been allocated to the website to guarantee its updating and information for the end customer and to deliver services to the brand’s commercial partners.

In the ranking of commercial websites cafenoir.it is among the top places in terms of the number of annual accesses and pages visited, thanks to a language and technology that meets the approval of the most evolved consumers and web surfers. 

Development of distribution and new formats

The intense transformation currently impacting on the international distribution market and the differentiation demanded by leading firms, have enabled the company to develop new processes and new procedures in line with the needs of running a business.

All monitored distribution formats have a dedicated marketing, sales and customer service team to respond to the specific needs of each commercial partner.