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  1. I23_N001

    high heels with platform black

    Regular Price €125.00 -35%
    As low as €81.25
  2. I23_N001

    high heels with platform black

    Regular Price €125.00 -35%
    As low as €81.25
  3. I23_N001

    leather high heels with accessory black

    Regular Price €159.00 -35%
    As low as €103.35
  4. I23_M085

    leather high heels mud

    Regular Price €155.00 -35%
    As low as €100.75
  5. I23_N001

    suede pump black

    Regular Price €155.00 -35%
    As low as €100.75
  6. I23_B012

    leopard glitter fabric pumps blue

    Regular Price €139.00 -35%
    As low as €90.35
  7. I23_N001

    microfiber stretch boot black

    As low as €0.00
  8. I23_V001

    suede pumps with elastics purple

    As low as €169.00
  9. I23_N001

    nappa leather pumps with elastics black

    As low as €169.00
  10. I23_N001

    suede pumps with lace and accessory black

    As low as €169.00
  11. I23_R014

    patent leather shoe with buckle bordeaux

    As low as €159.00
  12. E23_M007

    open back suede shoes tan

    Regular Price €145.00 -50%
    As low as €72.50
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Court shoes – women's shoes for all seasons

Uncomfortable court shoes? It depends. Walking in heels takes training, that's for sure. But once accustomed (or re-accustomed), that nagging feeling of insecurity is transformed and becomes something else: charm, elegance, class. Pure femininity.

After all, court shoes have always been true objects of desire, the cross and delight of any woman, who embraces new fashion trends, lightens her piggy bank (and sometimes sacrifices a little comfort, we admit).

These women's shoes fill our wardrobe, transform our outfits and, more often than not, the very way we see ourselves. They look good in summer, together with dresses, jeans, skirts and shirts, practically everything!

But they are also the touch of class in our winter outfits, as they bring a little colour to our feet on colder days, perhaps at big events or in more informal situations.

The models are many, of course. You are sure to find what you are looking for in our CafèNoir catalogue. And maybe even the court shoes you didn't even know you wanted!

Ankle-strap court shoes

Ankle strap court shoes are a great classic that never go out of fashion. They wrap around the ankle in a soft, sensual embrace, and adjust as desired for an elegant yet casual effect, making them perfect for office power dressing.

Their refined, seductive design and neutral, vibrant tones are combined with maximum comfort. A pair of shoes designed for elegant women who know that the world is always their catwalk. Just like you.

Low heel court shoes (but also high heel or slim-heel)

Then there are the low-heel court shoes, or heels that are not too high, perfect for getting used to walking on heels again and not renouncing the pleasure of showing off one's femininity.

High-heeled court shoes? What can I say, they are true go-to shoes for every situation: perfect for events and official celebrations, they also go impeccably with casual looks and the most daring outfits.

Finally, the slim heel is useful at parties, weddings and last-minute invitations. Why? Well, let's just say that it is so comfortable that you can dance, jump and even run in them!