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CafèNoir Bowling Bag: the bag that never goes out of fashion

The bowling bag is a timeless classic, the nostalgic plunge into a past with retro charm. The shape of this ladies' bag recalls the long journeys of the early 20th century, those made by train or car on the Grand Tour of continental Europe.

Today, of course, bowling bags are much smaller than the travel bags used in those days, not least because travelling in our times is much faster and more hectic. Their charm, however, remains the same. In the CafèNoir catalogue, one can find small, comfortable blowing bags with handles, hand-held, over the shoulder, or even those to be carried under the arm. The feature they all have in common? Comfort.

There are also other strengths, of course. The unmistakable silhouette for example, and the medium size. The capacity, the double handle, and also the geometric and minimalist shape with the typical side curves. Everything about bowling bags screams elegance and simplicity. A combination that in fashion manages to make a simple accessory into something legendary.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter: the bowling bag for all seasons

Quilted, in Saffiano-effect imitation leather, pleated, with contrasting colours and even croc print: CafèNoir bowling bags fit every style and personality. Their versatile nature makes them perfect for both office outfits (with an elegant shirt and ankle boots, for example), as well as for less formal outfits (with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt).

Bowling bags are a must in all seasons. During the colder months, you can opt for classic colours such as black, dark blue and beige. All the most versatile shades, in short. But it is in summer that you can be at your best, with lighter and more vibrant shades and with light and comfortable fabrics.

Discover our bowling bags and start your CafèNoir style journey!