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Open a monobrand CAFèNOIR store

Dealers have always been at the core of CafèNoir’s philosophy and business model. CafèNoir strongly believes in the power of collaboration, even in this digital market era.
That is why the CafèNoir Market Partner Programme was born - a strategic alliance with the most pragmatic, ambitious and dynamic dealers, to face, together, the challenges of market competitiveness.
Market Partner is a business agreement between companies which keep their own independence and autonomy. It doesn’t require an entry fee. The programme consists of agreements, activities and collaborations to develop sales through traditional methods (physical sale points), or innovative channels for dealers which have their own e-commerce platform.
All activities and work methods have been developed and directly tested by CafèNoir in the last 3 years. The trial stage consists of offering tested systems to partners, which guarantee economical and organisational advantages.
There are three business systems for different types of dealers:

  • Single-brand stores - the "Around the Shoes" formula
  • Full Collection Shop - an exclusive service which integrates the shop stock with the main CafèNoir stock
  • Dropshipping - for dealers with an e-commerce platform

Single-brand stores

After years of experience with multimedia corners located inside independent shops owned by selected Italian partners, CafèNoir inaugurated the first single-brand flagship stores, initially in their proprietary sale points. Then, this project was also offered to its best clients.
Today, the single-branded network consists of 18 sale points, which will most likely become 25 by the end of 2017.

Full Collection Shop

CafèNoir have always cared about innovation and new technologies. Since 2014, CafèNoir made an important sale tool available for its dealers, which breaks the physical boundaries of narrow warehouses and limited display areas and offers the chance to place specific orders to meet the end customer’s needs for every single item. We are talking about the Full Collection Shop.
Thanks to a detailed technical catalogue with high-quality images, end customers will be able to choose their favourite item from the entire CafèNoir seasonal collection. If the item of choice is not available in the shop, the dealer will be able to place a specific order with just a few clicks, through a platform which will be made available free-of-charge. Then, the item of choice will be sent to the customer's house or, if they prefer, to the shop.
With this innovative service, the customer will always be satisfied, the warehouse stocks will not be too large and there will be a constant collaborative relationship with the company, given the variety of our end customers’ personal tastes. This tool highlights the entire brand collection, with its creativity and freshness, through the modern systems of electronic commerce. Would you like to learn about more and becoming a Full Collection Shop dealer? Contact us at infoFcsShop@cafenoir.it, we will be happy to welcome you into our innovative distribution network.


A service planned for dealers who wish to develop their online sales.
CafèNoir is the only brand in the whole of Europe to make over 300 items available to its dealers. They can be sold online and delivered to their clients in 24/48 hours.
The CafèNoir Dropshipping system is simple and proven (5-star rating). The service is based on an exchange of automatic flows which allow the retailers to use their "digital showcase" (website or market place) to sell items from CafèNoir’s warehouse, which will handle the delivery to the end consumer, reducing both the required times and the dealer’s workload.