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The purchased products will be delivered to the address indicated on the order by the Customer, after the Company has accepted the order at the price specified at the time of order entry, within approximately 72 business hours. The Company reserves the right to accept or reject orders within 48 business hours of placement.
Delivery times and costs for orders for deliveries outside Italy are subject to change. Orders for countries outside the European Union may involve customs fees that will be charged to the Customer. The Company advises Customers to contact the customs authorities in advance to find out any possible costs and import limits.

The delivery times indicated by the Company are given as an indication only and a delay in the delivery of one or more packages does not give the Client the right to refuse delivery or to claim any compensation.

At the delivery of the items, the Customer must ensure that:

- The package is undamaged and well closed
- Any missing or damaged package or item must be reported immediately, and the reason for rejection of the delivery specified on the delivery documents, and returned to the courier

Once the package has been opened, any problem concerning the physical condition of the ordered items must be communicated as soon as possible to the Company's Customer Service.

In the event that orders (paid by credit card, Paypal or Satispay) are in storage due to missing delivery information, absent recipient or impossible delivery in general, if after 10 days delivery is still impossible, the Carrier will return the goods to the Company's warehouse.
The order will be cancelled and reimbursed with a deduction of €19 to €55 for the return shipping costs depending on the country concerned by the delivery.

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