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  1. E24_G001

    mini-dress with broderie anglaise back and v neck green

    Regular Price €129.00 -30%
    As low as €90.30
  2. E24_Z001

    broderie anglaise chemisier-type dress yellow

    Regular Price €159.00 -30%
    As low as €111.30
  3. E24_V001

    sleeveless dress with square neckline purple

    Regular Price €109.00 -30%
    As low as €76.30
  4. E24_V004

    short-sleeved flared dress hot pink

    Regular Price €119.00 -30%
    As low as €83.30
  5. E24_G004

    sleeveless sheath dress in stretch fabric mint

    Regular Price €109.00 -30%
    As low as €76.30
  6. E24_B048

    sleeveless chambray jumpsuit medium blue

    Regular Price €179.00 -30%
    As low as €125.30
  7. E24_B048

    chemisier-type dress in chambray medium blue

    Regular Price €175.00 -30%
    As low as €122.50
  8. E24_B049

    denim sheath dress sky

    Regular Price €179.00 -30%
    As low as €125.30
  9. E24_B009

    tencel denim dress indaco

    Regular Price €119.00 -30%
    As low as €83.30
  10. E24_S084

    dual-material dress with printed front flower panel

    Regular Price €109.00 -30%
    As low as €76.30
  11. E24_N001

    long dress with shoulder plates black

    Regular Price €99.00 -30%
    As low as €69.30
  12. E24_W065

    long dress with draped neckline and belt plaster

    Regular Price €109.00 -30%
    As low as €76.30
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Women's dresses: CafèNoir trends for all seasons

Let's face it: there is nothing more practical and chic than a dress for women. Nothing! And we are not talking about a dress in particular, but all imaginable types: elegant dresses and formal dresses, winter and summer, long and short.

Any model, in short, is our lifeline whatever the occasion or season. Beware of those who think that a woman's dress is a summer only garment. Have you ever worn a dress in September for a special occasion, a wedding of a friend of yours for example, with that hint of tan, without tights, with perhaps a pair of comfortable ankle boots and a very elegant shoulder bag? There, then, you can only agree with us!

But spring, with its explosion of colours, is also perfect for wearing CafèNoir dresses, along with scarves, hats and all those beautiful accessories typical of the mid-seasons. And winter? You may be amazed at the original and sophisticated dresses with which you can face the colder months. And then there is also Christmas, and New Year's Eve, which bring festivities and occasions where the possibility of showing off one's finest dresses clothes is not really a possibility, but a RULE.

In short, dresses are always a must. Find yours!

Special evening? Discover the formal dresses!

Glamorous, sexy, classic, extraordinary, super feminine, long, short, midi: CafèNoir women's formal dresses are your go-to for any special occasion. The choice, of course, is vast. It is up to you to decide which style best represents your personality.

A one-colour dress, for example? This special type of dress is excellent for the most chic and formal events. With black and white you will always be on the safe side, of course, but why not dare with some more sparkling and bold colours sometimes?

Patterned dresses, on the other hand, are the lively alternative for the more casual souls. And you don't need excessive shades or too bold contrasts to attract attention. Even the softest pattern strikes the eye (and heart) of the beholder.

Degradé dresses have their charm, don't you think? Shaded dresses are perfect for the more romantic personalities. The degradé note can give an elegant yet contemporary tone to the garment and, often, the colours used are warm and enveloping, like a caress.

And which CafèNoir dress do you choose?