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CafèNoir is always at your disposal to solve any doubts, but before you get in touch with us, see if the answer to your question can be found in the following:

When will my order arrive?

The goods are usually delivered from our San Miniato warehouse the day after the order is received or the same day. Once the goods are entrusted to the courier, delivery takes place within 72-92 business hours (in Italy by GLS express courier and for overseas deliveries by DHL truck service). You can find more details on check out page after completed the form with your address.

How can I know if my package has been shipped?

The status of your order will be changed and you will be given a tracking number visible from your account when we ship your goods. We will also send you a summary email including the tracking number.

How is it possible to apply these prices?

The quality-price ratio has always been the CafèNoir brand's strength. The prices shown are those officially indicated by the company, which should be applied by all of our official retailers. Remember that any promotions will always be communicated transparently and that shipping and possible custom costs are not included in the price of the item. Click here to find out the costs of shipping to various areas.

Do you accept cash on delivery?

No. We accept Paypal and Credit Card.

What courier do you use?

In Italy we use GLS. We use DHL abroad.

I made two separate orders, can you send them together?

Sure, if the time available permits, and if the order has not already left. Send your request as soon as possible to customercareonline@cafenoir.it including the order numbers to be combined.

How come I can't trace my orders with the code you sent me?

The tracking number is assigned and sent to the customer when the parcel is delivered to the carrier. It will be seen on the website as soon as it is passed over to one of the branches of the courier used. Don't worry. If you have the tracking number, your order has already left!

How does the right to cancel work?

The right to cancel is regulated by Italian laws in force. We have a page dedicated to instructions on how to correctly cancel your order

How can I make a return?


Click on Enter, (an icon with the same name at the top right of the www.cafenoir.it page), enter your details and select the item Make a return. Select the order and the articles contained in the order that you want to return, also indicate the reason for returning the item. You are given an empty space to inform us of any notes.
If you were not logged in when placing the order, you need to contact our customer care to request the return. Return shipments should be scheduled with forwarder or postal service of your country. We kindly recommend to ask a tracking number when you sent back the pack, so you can monitoring its shipping.


Print the return label that we will send you by email. Glue the return label to the outside of the package, covering the previous label.
Enter the packaged product, taking care not to remove any of the tags, close the package and make sure it is properly sealed.


We will reimburse you for the articles returned after we have received and verified the articles.
If you have paid by Credit Card, we will reimburse you within 30 days from when you send us the package.
You will receive an email confirming receipt of the package and reimbursement.
The full amount of the articles returned will be automatically credited to the account corresponding to the card used.
The time needed to credit your account could vary from one bank to another.
If you have paid using PayPal, you will be reimbursed within 10 days from when you have sent us the package. You will receive an email confirming receipt of the package and reimbursement.
The amount of the articles returned will be accredited to the PayPal used for making the purchase.

How do I know what size of clothing to purchase?

With our size guide, we make it easy to find the best clothing and shoes. We want you to find the most realistic fit. There is a size table found in the product description for each article found in the clothing section. If you have doubts on how to take measures, here is some advice:
Measured wearing only underwear and with your back straight.

Breast line (1): to correctly measure your breast circumference, with your back in the upright position, raise your arms and place the tape measure above the most protruding part of your breasts, lower your arms at your sides and you will have the correct measurement.
Under breast: Measure the circumference of your chest measuring your under breast area.
Waistline (2): measure the circumference of your waist under your ribs. Our measurements are calibrated with a measurement taken between 18 and 20 cm below the armholes.
Hips (3): measure the circumference of your sides at the end of your hips. Our measurements are calibrated with a measurement taken between 18 cm under the waistline.
Outer leg length (4): the length of the outer leg is the measurement that determines the length of your pants. For the right size, measure the length of your straight legs from the hips up to the sole of your feet. Consider that our items have different lengths (e.g. Capri pants, cropped trousers, etc.) and do not usually reach the sole of the feet.
Inner leg length (4): the length of the inner leg is the measurement that determines the length of your pants. Take correct measurements of the inner leg by measuring from the crotch up to the sole of your feet. Consider that our items have different lengths (e.g. Capri pants, cropped trousers, etc.) and do not usually reach the sole of the feet.
According to the garment, the images below show how to correctly place the measuring tape.

How do I know what size of shoes to purchase?

Each product description shows a measuring tape for your feet that shows the length of the sole in centimeters for each fit. The CafèNoir collection sizes are modeled on the measures shown below. Some models may have a slightly different fit depending on the morphology of the foot, but it is still possible to use them as a reference.

  • We recommend that you get a piece of paper and a pencil.
  • Place your foot on the piece of paper and mark the tip of your toes and heel.
  • Do the same think with the other foot. Our feet rarely have the same size. Use your largest foot as reference.
  • With a ruler measure the length from one point to the other in centimeters. The tables below translate the length of your foot into its size.

How do you make deliveries? What if I am not home when the courier comes?

Courier delivery times depend on the forwarder and how they arrange deliveries that day. If you are absent, a notice will be left and an e-mail will be sent to you from which you can arrange an alternate delivery day. The request will not be processed unless new delivery arrangements are made. In this case, our customer service department will contact you again to assist you with the new delivery request.
In the event that orders (paid for by credit card or Paypal) are in storage due to missing delivery information, absent recipient, or inability to deliver in general, if after 10 calendar days delivery is still impossible, the Carrier will return the goods to the Company's warehouse. The order will be cancelled and refunded with a deduction of €19 to €55 for return shipping costs, depending on the country affected by the delivery.

Can I have more information about glasses?


These particular lenses allow you to screen the reverberation and mirror images that are created when sunlight reflects on reflecting surfaces eg: a wet road surface, a mirror of water or a metal surface. The polarized lenses almost completely absorb all the annoying reflections because, enhancing the contrasts, they offer greater protection against visual fatigue.

Mirroring is a treatment that is applied on the external surface of different types of lenses, both mineral and organic, and provides a "mirror" effect to glasses. It can have varying degrees of intensity to completely hide the wearer's gaze, or it can be degrading or present only in some areas of the lens. Often this type of treatment is done only for aesthetic or fashion reasons but it is still extremely functional as reflecting a significant percentage of light, it offers greater visual comfort in extreme lighting conditions, for example in high mountains, in the presence of snow or on the beach.

LENSES WITH BICOMATIC COLOR The different color gradations reduce the amount of light that passes through the lenses. The bichromatic color is obtained when switching from one color to another.


Acetate is a 100% natural and malleable product that comes from cotton.
Unlike textile processing, the process of converting cotton into acetate is complex. For the production of glasses, the cotton is dried, ground into cellulose powder then mixed with acetic acid, colored, modeled and finally worked in rigid plates. The acetate sheets are then cut and milled to obtain the frames of the glasses.

COMBINED When different materials (metal and / or acetate) are present in the frame, front and rods.

MULTILAYING BONDING Processing that consists of overlapping several plates in different colors, which creates a block with a three-dimensional effect.


Misure occhiali

Bridge: Part of the front that connects the two eyepieces ie the distance between the two lenses.
Caliber: Indicates the diameter of the lens, or its width.
Bar: Support between the front of the frame and the ears.

Care and cleaning

As with any quality product, proper care will improve and prolong the use of glasses. Cleaning them is a simple and quick task. The best way is to use cold water and dishwashing liquid; otherwise, a spray cleaner or wet wipes can be used.

Forme occhiali

Forma a farfalla
Butterfly shape
Forma Pantos
Pantos shape
Forma rotonda
Round shape
Forma a goccia
Teardrop shape

The frame suitable for the shape of the face

Viso ovale

Who has the oval face is undoubtedly in the optimal condition, the perfect face for glasses. Virtually all the frames adapt to the face. However, it is better to pay attention to the frames with proportions too generous on the sides or to the round and very small glasses. The best choice will be to focus on a rectangular design.

Viso rotondo

Raccomandiamo di scegliere montature raffinate e più rigorose che sottolineano gli angoli, cioè dal design quadrato o leggermente rettangolare osando anche con misure oversize e con i colori. Queste conferiranno maggiore incisività al profilo di un viso rotondo. Meglio evitare le montature morbide, sottili e arrotondate.

Viso triangolare

The best choice is definitely an oval or rounded frame, which has the lens' 'a little' stretched downwards' ', a softer and flatter design in soft colors. Better not to choose frames that are too small or too colorful.

Viso squadrato

For those who have a square face the best solution is definitely to choose a slightly rounded frame, not too small better if '' comes out from the edges of the face '' and with a sweet and rounded shape on the corners. Better to avoid small glasses.

Do the prices on the website include VAT? Can you send me an invoice?

Yes. All prices listed on the website include VAT: You can request the invoice directly during check out by flagging the appropriate box and by filling in the VAT or Tax Code Number field if the purchaser is a natural person.

When will you send the invoice?

The invoice is sent by email in .pdf format on the day or the day after the shipping in compliance with current Italian legislation on "Sending of Invoices" electronically:
Ministerial Resolution 571134 dated 19/07/88 - (email);
Ministerial Resolution 450217 dated 30/07/90 - (computerized procedures);
Ministerial Resolution 107 dated 04/07/01 - (sending of invoices);
Ministerial Resolution 202/E dated 04/12/01 - (filing of invoices).

If you need to receive the invoice in paper format for whatever reason, you can use the contact form to make this request.

I have made an order and now the product is unavailable, do you have stock?

If you ordered the last piece available, it is obvious that it will not be available for any other orders and will be set as "unavailable".

I have not found an answer to my question, what now?

Contact us, we will respond in the shortest time possible. You can contact our customer care using the telephone number 0571 1540045 active from Monday to Friday from 09 to 13 and from 14.30 to 18, a contact form in the Contacts area of the website or, alternatively, you can write a private message on our Facebook page.